Bahasa Malay to English Food Glossary

Many Malay dishes revolve around a Rempah, which is a spice paste or mix similar to an Indian Masala. Rempahs are made by grinding up fresh and/or dried spices and herbs to create a spice paste which is then sauteed in oil to bring out the aromas.

Typical Malay Dishes

Perhaps you have heard of some of these typical malay dishes:

Satay - These delicious skewered meats are a favourite of many and are perfect served with a fresh salad of cucumber and onion plus spicy peanut sauce!

Rendang - This dry coconut-based curry generally features beef gently simmered until tender with hot and tangy spices and cooling coconut milk.

Laksa - This is a noodle dish with a tasty and tangy fish soup which uses tamarind to great effect.

Asam GelugorTamarind PeelHerbs & Spices
Asam JawaTamarind PasteHerbs & Spices
Barwang BesarOnionFruit & Veg
Bawang MeraShallotsHerbs & Spices
Bawang PutihGarlicHerbs & Spices
BelacanShrimp PasteOther
BelachanShrimp PasteOther
BijanSesame SeedsBeans & Pulses
Bikji SaguPearl SagoBeans & Pulses
BlacanShrimp PasteOther
BlachanShrimp PasteOther
Bok NeeBlack FungusOther
Buah KeluakBlack NutBeans & Pulses
Buah KerasCandlenutBeans & Pulses
Buah PalaNutmegHerbs & Spices
Buah PelagaCardamomHerbs & Spices
Bunga CengkihClovesHerbs & Spices
Bunga LawangStar AniseHerbs & Spices
Cili PadiBird's Eye ChilliesHerbs & Spices
CukaVinegarSauces & Oils
Daun KetumberCoriander LeavesHerbs & Spices
Daun Limau PerutKaffir Lime LeafHerbs & Spices
Daun Limau PurutKaffir Lime LeafHerbs & Spices
Duan PandanScrewpine LeafHerbs & Spices
Gula MelakaPalm SugarOther
HaliaGinger RootHerbs & Spices
JagungCornFruit & Veg
Jintan ManisFennelHerbs & Spices
Jintan PutihCuminHerbs & Spices
Kacang BendiLadies Fingers (Okra)Fruit & Veg
Kacang DalLentilsFruit & Veg
Kacang HijauGreen Mung BeansBeans & Pulses
Kayu ManisCinnamonHerbs & Spices
KemiriCandlenutsBeans & Pulses
KetumbarCoriander SeedsHerbs & Spices
Kicap CairLight Soya SauceSauces & Oils
Kicap ManisSweet Soya SauceSauces & Oils
Kicap PekatDark Soya SauceSauces & Oils
Kicap TiramOyster SauceSauces & Oils
Kim ChiamDried Lily BudOther
Lada HijauGreen ChilliHerbs & Spices
Lada MerahRed ChilliHerbs & Spices
Lada PutihWhite PeppercornsHerbs & Spices
LengkuasGalangalHerbs & Spices
LobakChinese Radish (Mooli)Fruit & Veg
Pati SantanThick Coconut MilkOther
RebongBamboo ShootFruit & Veg
RebungBamboo ShootFruit & Veg
SantanCoconut MilkOther
SantenCoconut MilkOther
SeraiLemongrassHerbs & Spices
TaucheoSalted SoyabeansSauces & Oils
TaugehBeansproutsFruit & Veg
Teik KeeDried Beancurd SticksOther
TerasiShrimp PasteOther
TerungAubergine (Eggplant)Fruit & Veg
TimunCucumberFruit & Veg
Ubi KentangPotatoFruit & Veg
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