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How it works:

-You submit your recipe.
-I will read and evaluate your recipe.
-If I like your recipe and think it will be a good addition, I will create a post with your recipe.
-I will of course credit you and link to your blog or website, if you have one.

Please Include:

-The name of the dish and what it is from.
-The ingredients for the recipe and the amount of each ingredient.
-Detailed directions with how to prepare the dish.
-At least one high quality photo of the finished product.

The Rules:
-We will not post any recipes for foods that have already been on the site.
-Do not submit recipes that are not your own, unless you have consent from the original creator.
-Be thorough. Incomplete recipes, or recipes with no corresponding relevant photo, will not be posted.
-This is a blog for Halal Singaporean Food dishes from the internet, Hawker food recipes, Homemade dishes etc. Your recipe must be a Halal version. I will only post  foods that uses Halal method and ingredients. (No Liquor, No Pork, No Lard)
- Food recipes must have at least five ingredients.
- Drink recipes must have at least three ingredients.
- Ingredients must make sense for the dish. Most recipes for a kueh made to resemble something that is not a kuah will not be posted. There are exceptions to this rule, but not many.

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