Authentic Nasi Rawon

Nasi Rawon Beef Black Soup

Have you heard of Nasi Rawon? Nasi Rawon is essentially rice served with Indonesian beef black soup. It is delicious, vibrant with spices, served as a main course or soup in Indonesia - together with salty egg, small beans sprout, shrimp crackers and sambal belacan.

Ingredients for Nasi Rawon:
  1. 600 g Beef rump
  2. 30 g Turmeric roots
  3. 20 g Ginger roots
  4. 50 g Garlic
  5. 100 g Shallot
  6. 50 g Candlenut
  7. 20 g Red chili
  8. 5 g Kaffir lime leafs
  9. 30 g Lemon grass
  10. 200 g Black Nut (Kluwak), cleaned and soft
  11. 10 g Coriander Powder
  12. 2 g Bay leaf (Salam)
  13. 20 g Galangal
  14. 3 g Cumin
  15. Salt as needed
  16. White Pepper Powder
  17. White Sugar
  18. Vegetables oil
How to cook Nasi Rawon:
  1. Clean the beef rump and cut into cubes.
  2. Blend shallot, garlic, ginger, candlenut, turmeric, red chili and black nuts (kluwak) until smooth.
  3. Heat pan and put all blended ingredients and saute until cooked and smell good.
  4. Add beef rump cubes and water to make the stock.
  5. Put kaffir lime leafs, salam, galangal, lemon grass and boil until beef is tender.
  6. Season with coriander powder, cumin, salt and sugar according to taste. 

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