How to make Salted Eggs

Salted Eggs How To

Typical Singaporean condiments that go with congee for breakfast, evening or late supper - Salted eggs (Telur Masin). Salted eggs are also in abundance during the Mooncake festival locally. The eggs are used as a filling for mooncakes. Each mooncake costs more with more egg yolks.

Recipe for Salted Eggs
Ingredients for Salted Eggs:
  • 10 eggs (duck or chicken)
  • 480g. salt
  • 1 litre water or enough to cover eggs
How to make Salted Eggs:
  1. Boil water with salt. Cool.
  2. Wash eggs and put in a container (preferably earthen).
  3. Pour enough water to cover the eggs. Cover container.
  4. Leave eggs in salt water for two weeks before serving.
Note: After 2 weeks, take one egg out and boil for 10-15 mins to test if its taste is salty enough. If not ready, let the rest in the container for a few days more. When it's ready, drain the eggs and wipe dry. Keep them in an egg carton and place in fridge. The salted eggs can be kept for a few weeks in fridge.

Recipe submitted by Agnes Wong.
Image credit - doink20

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